egeniouss Experts in Interviews: Coordinator Phillipp Fanta-Jende foresees a Revolution in Urban Navigation

Nuria Martínez (DEC Manager at CEL) asks: Can you explain in your own words, what the egeniouss base technology is (and how you use it in your app)?

Phillipp Fanta-Jende (egeniouss coordinator at AIT) answers: The egeniouss base technology is an innovative visual localisation solution designed to significantly enhance the accuracy and reliability of positioning, especially in urban environments. Unlike traditional localisation methods that might rely solely on signals like GNSS (e.g. Galileo or GPS) — which can be unreliable or inaccurate in densely built areas — egeniouss leverages advanced visual cues to provide pinpoint accuracy. A platform-agnostic approach ensures that egeniouss can be seamlessly integrated into a multitude of applications, both professional and for the general consumer. In essence, egeniouss is set to revolutionise the way we perceive and interact with our surroundings by offering a far more accurate representation of our position in any given space.


Nuria Martínez (DEC Manager at CEL) asks: Where do you see the biggest impact for the citizens?

Phillipp Fanta-Jende (egeniouss coordinator at AIT) answers: The most profound impact of egeniouss for citizens lies in its potential to reshape daily urban experiences and address several challenges inherent to navigation and positioning.

First and foremost, with the improved accuracy in localisation, manoeuvring through busy urban roads becomes much simpler. This is especially beneficial for tourists and newcomers, ensuring they can easily find their way around unfamiliar territories without getting lost.

Secondly, it could transform services that rely on precise location data, such as ride-sharing, delivery services, and emergency response. Imagine an ambulance being able to locate an individual in need in a crowded area with pinpoint precision or a courier service confidently delivering a package to a designated location within a vast campus.

Furthermore, the rise of autonomous systems, whether they’re autonomous vehicles, drones, or robots, will greatly benefit from egeniouss’ enhanced accuracy. Precise location data is fundamental for these systems to operate safely and efficiently in complex urban environments. For instance, self-driving cars could navigate intricate city streets with more confidence, and delivery drones could pinpoint exact drop-off locations with minimal errors.

Moreover, augmented reality (AR) experiences and games could be taken to new heights. Instead of generic AR overlays, we could have city-specific or even street-specific interactive experiences, enhancing the way citizens interact with their urban surroundings.

Lastly, urban planners and local authorities could leverage this technology for infrastructure development and maintenance tasks. With a deeper understanding of how individuals navigate and engage with urban environments, city planners and architects can tailor urban designs more closely to the specific needs and habits of its residents. Moreover, the ability to obtain accurate measurements on-the-go further empowers them to make informed and immediate decisions during the planning and construction phases.

In essence, egeniouss has the potential to make urban living more convenient, efficient, and interactive, greatly enhancing the quality of life in the digital age.


Nuria Martínez (DEC Manager at CEL) asks: What are the benefits for your company?

Phillipp Fanta-Jende (egeniouss coordinator at AIT) answers: At AIT, we are committed to developing technologies that not only bolster the resilience of our infrastructure but also profoundly benefit both Austrian and European citizens. The egeniouss base technology is a great example of this dedication by fostering European partnerships, addressing pressing challenges, and offering the European industry pivotal opportunities to maintain our technological edge.


Nuria Martínez (DEC Manager at CEL) asks: What do you like most in the egeniouss approach?

Phillipp Fanta-Jende (egeniouss coordinator at AIT) answers: What I find most compelling about the egeniouss approach is its holistic integration of visual cues and surveying-grade datasets to transform localisation. Particularly outstanding is the collaboration between scientists from Computer Vision, Photogrammetry, and Geodesy. Their joint efforts are instrumental in building the robust algorithmic foundation of the technology. In urban environments where traditional methods often fall short, egeniouss promises to bridge that gap. Its potential to enhance localisation, both for everyday individuals and advanced autonomous systems, is truly exceptional. Moreover, its platform-agnostic nature ensures wide applicability, underscoring its potential to redefine how we understand and navigate our surroundings.