egeniouss Experts in Interviews: Unveiling the Impact with Ernest Miralles, Leading Drone Integration at CATUAV

Nuria Martínez (DEC Manager at CEL) asks: Can you explain in your own words, what the egeniouss base technology is (and how you use it in your app)?

Ernest Miralles (Project Manager at CATUAV) answers: egeniouss is an EU project that aims to revolutionize navigation and positioning technology. The base technology behind egeniouss is a visual localisation cloud service that improves the accuracy and reliability of positioning systems. This technology is crucial, especially in urban areas where traditional satellite-based navigation can be disrupted or manipulated.

For CATUAV, our field of application is Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), where the egeniouss technology will be seen as a key component for UAS applications such as drone delivery. Drones require precise and reliable positioning to ensure safe and efficient operations, and egeniouss provides a redundant positioning solution. By implementing the egeniouss visual localisation service on drones, we can overcome the challenges of navigating in urban environments, where traditional GNSS signals may be unreliable. This technology will allow the industry to enhance UAS operations, which is essential as we aim to pave the way for standardization, aligning with the growing need for safety and reliability in autonomous systems in cities, including drones.


Nuria Martínez (DEC Manager at CEL) asks: Where do you see the biggest impact for the citizens?

Ernest Miralles (Project Manager at CATUAV) answers: egeniouss is set to demonstrate its benefits across three diverse use cases: surveying, bike navigation, and drone delivery. Beyond these applications, the potential impact on citizens is vast. It’s about democratizing precise and reliable navigation, making it accessible and affordable for both professionals and the public. This, in turn, contributes to more accurate location-dependent services for a wide range of activities and aspects of daily life.

In our drone use case, citizens will benefit from the technology through improved safety and reliability in drone operations, which is crucial for any aerial application in a very regulated field. This can lead to more widespread adoption of drone-based delivery services, which, in turn, makes it possible to kick-start and expand an industry that will allow citizens to receive key goods more quickly and efficiently. This is particularly important in scenarios such as emergency medical deliveries or time-sensitive deliveries in urban areas. Overall, egeniouss technology contributes to enhancing the quality of life for citizens by bringing new applications based on advanced and reliable navigation services accessible to everyone.


Nuria Martínez (DEC Manager at CEL) asks: What are the benefits for your company?

Ernest Miralles (Project Manager at CATUAV) answers: For CATUAV, the benefits of integrating egeniouss technology into drone delivery operations are multiple. Firstly, it enhances the safety and reliability of drone operations, which is essential for achieving regulatory compliance and market acceptance in an industry where regulatory compliance is very important. This, in turn, opens up new business opportunities and markets, including delivery services for the citizens and future projects to be developed for our customers.

Additionally, by participating in the egeniouss project, we play a crucial role in standardizing the use of EGNSS and Visual Localisation technology in the drone industry. This not only benefits our company but also the broader UAS industry. Our project’s focus on standardization contributes to the development of market-related UAS applications, which is essential for the industry’s growth and acceptance.

The collaborative nature of the project, involving various consortium members with diverse competencies, allows us to tap into interdisciplinary stakeholder expertise. This collaboration strengthens our position in the industry and helps us make advancements that benefit both our company and the UAS industry as a whole.


Nuria Martínez (DEC Manager at CEL) asks: What do you like most in the egeniouss approach?

Ernest Miralles (Project Manager at CATUAV) answers: What I find most compelling about the egeniouss approach is its real-world applicability and the collaborative synergy it cultivates. egeniouss is not just a theoretical concept; it’s being deployed in three tangible use cases—surveying, bike navigation, and drone delivery. These use cases have the potential to significantly impact citizens’ lives by improving the accuracy and reliability of location-dependent services.

This approach not only enhances navigation for professionals and consumers but also introduces a level of redundancy and reliability that is crucial for the safe operation of autonomous systems like drones in urban areas. The emphasis on safety, reliability, and redundancy aligns perfectly with our goals at CATUAV.

Additionally, egeniouss’ approach to standardization and its contribution to the growth of the UAS industry is remarkable. This helps in building a sustainable and regulated ecosystem for drone operations, which is vital for the long-term success and acceptance of drone-based delivery services.